Who We Are

Implementing Perfection With Innovative Vision

We are innovative, ambitious and responsible, our job consists in implementing strategies to create value to our members. We take analysis of sport into a combination of innovation and critical thought. Check out our Services page if you wish to know more!


TCM is just a group of people working together in an effort to quickly identify value in the odds & capitalize, off of line, movements and other betting opportunities. The way we approach sports gambling is comparable to hedge fund, our primary concept is identifying mispriced assets and exploiting them.

What Are the Benefits of reaching to us?

• Market Analysis.
• Shop for Lines
• Analyse Data and Automation Models


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Highly successful sports betting consultancy.


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Dynamic technology that evolves with the market


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Our predictions work best when the game is fair

Completed Milestones

3M Turnover monthly achieved during 2021